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AC Current Transducer

- Direct AC current measurement up to 600A 
- Overload: 1.2 times of rated value

AC current transducer





Dimension drawings of AC current transducer

Typical connection of AC current transducer

din rail energy meter

BA series conduct the real-time measurement on the alternating current in the power grid according to the electromagnetic induction theory. They utilize the precise constant current technology and the linear temperature compensation technology to isolate and convert the measured current into the DC signal.They adopt the 24V or 12V power supply. They feature the large overload capacity, high accuracy, isolation and safety and low power consumption. Applications cover the industrial automation sector.

BA series residual current sensors are designed to monitor the electric leakage and detect the insulation of electrical circuit or electrical equipment in order to avoid accidents arising from reduction of insulation performance of electrical circuit or electrical equipment.The product complies with GB/T13850-1998 and GB1208-2006.

Technical parameter of AC current transducer

Technical parameters


Input signal

BA05-AI   measuring range   AC 0(0.510)A

BA10-AI   measuring range     AC 0(850)A

BA20-AI   measuring range     AC 0(40200)A

BA50-AI   measuring range     AC 0(60600)A

BA50L-AI  measuring range    AC 0(0.11)A


Nominal value


Overload protection

Max. output ≤ 135% of full scale

Load resistance

When Voltage output≥1000Ωwhen current output(supply voltage-4/0.02)Ω

Ripple component

AC component of the output signal ≤1% of full scale

Power supply

DC12V   allowed range 1015V

DC24V   allowed range  1830V

Power consumption


Dielectric strength

Power frequency withstans voltage 2000VAC between input/ output and power supply

Pricision degree


Temperature drift coefficient


Response time

Average ≤350mS   true RMS≤100mS

Installation method

TS35mm guide installation,or screw in cabinet

Ambient conditions


Operating temperature:-25℃-+70℃;

storage temperature: -40℃-+85℃


≤90%RH, no dew, no aggressive gas





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