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Application of Acrel-3000 Power Management System in Philips Co., Ltd.

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Abstract: This article introduces the application of Acrel-3000 power management system in the power distribution monitoring system.Through the bus-type networking mode, the data is uploaded to the background for intelligent networking. The system realizes the intelligent, digital and networked electric energy management of distributed collection and centralized control management.


1.Project Overview

The Electric Energy Management System of Philips Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd. is designed for high and low voltage power distribution monitoring. Acrel-3000 electric energy management system provides users with a set of advanced and practical electric power management and analysis tools. The function of real-time and historical data analysis and comparison is provided to find out the problems existing in the process and structure of energy consumption, to establish the evaluation and management system of energy consumption of enterprises, to realize rational and economical use of electricity and to improve the level of energy efficiency of enterprises.


2.ACREL-3000 power management system Introduction

Acrel-3000 energy management system provides decentralized data acquisition and centralized monitoring and management of the substation and distribution system. It networks the secondary equipment of the power distribution system, connects the field equipment of scattered substation into an organic whole through computer and communication network, realizes remote monitoring and centralized management of grid operation.



Overview of Energy Consumption


Statistics of Energy Consumption


Data Reading



Analysis Report



4.Product Introduction







5.Project Summary

It is paramount important that the safety of the projects in the application of power distribution facilities.This article introduces the application of Acrel-3000 energy management system can realize real-time monitoring of power supply and distribution circuits in power distribution rooms.It can not only display the power consumption status of the loop, but also has the function of network communication, and can form an electric energy management system with serial server, computer, etc.The system realizes the analysis and processing of the collected data, real-time display of the operation status of the distribution circuits in the distribution room, pop-up alarm dialog, voice prompt for load exceeding limits, and generates various electric energy reports, analysis curves, graphics, etc., which is convenient for remote meter reading, analysis and research of electric energy.The system is safe, reliable and stable in operation, providing a true and reliable basis for industrial projects to solve power problems, and has achieved good benefits.


6.Field picture




1. Solutions for enterprise micro-grid system 


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