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Application of Acrel ADF400L Multi Circuits Energy Meter in Vietnam

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Abstract:This article introduces the application of ADF400L Multi Circuits Energy Meter in Vietnam. ADF400L series multi-channel energy meter, through the way of combination module can realize largest 36 circuits single-phase or 12 circuits three-phase, CT connect or direct connect. this series of energy meter with high accuracy, high concentration, centralized management, installation flexibility, the advantages of each other noninterference by the community, schools, enterprises of all areas. The series of meters support prepaid power function.

1. Project overview:

The company is located in Vietnam.The customers need 2 channels three-phase direct access and 2 channels three-phase secondary access measurement. Acrel ADF400L series energy meters meet the user's application and conditions.

2. Product specification:

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Main Module

1. Three-phase 3*220/380V power supply to provide  working power for the back-end measurement      module;

2.Man-machine interface: LCD and button


3. Infrared communication;

4. RF card swiping (IC function);

5. 2 Channels RS485 network communication (*C function);

6. RS485 communication for No. 3 extended wireless module (RJ45 connection mode );

7. Up to 2DI/2DO (K function);

8.Up to 1 Ethernet communication (CE function);

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Transformer Access Measurement Module

1. Two-way three-phase 3*1 (6) A measurement can be realized;

2. 2 active energy pulse output;

3. 2 three-phase working status, pulse and

communication indication;

4. Up to 4DI/4DO function (K function);

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Direct Access to The Measurement Module

1. It can realize one-way three-phase 3*10 (80) measurement or three-way single-phase 10 (80) A measurement;

2.1 active energy pulse output;

3. Three-phase working status, pulse and communication status LED indication;

3. Main function:



Energy monitoring

Active energy (positive、negative), Reactive energy (positive、negative)

Power measurement

Voltage、current、power factor、frequency、active power、reactive power、apparent power

Harmonic function

Total harmonic、sub harmonic (2~31)

3 phase unbalance

Voltage, Current unbalance


Main module 2DI2DO; CT connect 2DI4DO (direct connect)


Infrared; RS485 MODBUS-RTU and DL/T645

History energy

12 month energy record

4. Application

ADF400L Multi Circuits Energy Meter can achieve up to 12 three-phase or 36 single-phase direct access measurement or 12 three-phase mutual inductor access measurement, a hybrid of direct access and mutual inductor access through module combination measurement method.

5. Conclusion

ADF400L series of electric energy meters are popular among communities, schools, enterprises, etc. due to their high accuracy, centralized installation, centralized management, high installation flexibility, and non-interference.


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