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Application of Acrel Public Energy Meter in South Africa

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Abstract:This article describes the application of prepaid public energy meter in South Africa. Single-phase prepaid  public meters and three-phase prepaid public meters are new prepaid electric energy meters that integrate measurement and control. They support radio frequency recharge and remote recharge, and have multiple control modes such as payment control, time control, and vicious load control. It can be built-in 100A large-capacity magnetic latching relay to realize partial closing of the electric meter, and it can also provide passive dry contact output to control the external circuit breaker to realize the tripping function. It is widely used in the management of prepaid electricity consumption in commercial plazas, residential dormitories and college dormitories.

1. Project overview

This company is a charging pile company in South Africa. The company wants to purchase single-phase and three-phase prepaid meters for testing. Through the time control and payment control functions of prepaid meters, it can realize the purpose of multiple people using charging piles for charging. After understanding the customer's application scenarios and needs, single-phase and three-phase public meters and local prepaid recharge systems were recommended.

2.  Advantages of prepaid public energy meter

Compared with traditional post-paid energy meters, the guide rail type prepaid public meters have the following advantages:

1) Rail-type installation, no need to punch holes on the wall and damage the building, just clip the watch on the 35mm rail, which is convenient and quick to install and will not cause damage to the installation site;

2) Different from the traditional metering and then charging mode, it implements the mode of paying first and then using electricity, which facilitates the unified management of users, saves the time and labor cost of meter reading and charging, and solves the problem of charging difficulties;

3) Using the card as the medium, charge the electricity bill into the electric energy meter by swiping the card. The internally controlled electric meter supports remote recharge, reduces manpower maintenance costs, and improves user experience.

3. Product Selection




图片 1


Single phase 10(60)A direct connect energy meter

RF card or remote recharge

图片 2


Three phase 10(80)A direct connect energy meter

RF card or remote recharge

图片 3


Card reader

图片 4


Prepaid recharge software

4. Application

This public energy meter was originally used for local agricultural irrigation. Due to the customer's application scenarios and public use needs, it can be used for recharging in public places of electric vehicle charging piles after project evaluation. We provide users with an RF card. Through the card reader and prepaid recharge system, users can purchase electricity, write cards, and reset them. When users need to charge, they only need to swipe the meter to start charging. , Swipe again after full charge to retrieve the balance in the card, which is convenient and quick to use.

5. Conclusion

With the emergence of environmental problems, electric vehicles have become the mainstream of future transportation, and the demand for charging piles equipped with them is also increasing. Public electric vehicle charging piles will be controlled by the prepaid meter to start and stop in the future. More users provide convenient and efficient services. In the future, Acrel will provide a more intelligent prepaid platform, which is more convenient for users to use and unified management.


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