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Energy Consumption Monitoring Solution for Base Station

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It is necessary to measure and monitor electrical parameters and measure energy in AC side of tower base station such as state grid, diesel, air conditioner, lighting, power supply and so on. In DC side, it is necessary to monitor electrical parameters and measure energy such as base station communication device, battery and other devices working under -48V power supply. The data can be real-time uploaded by RS485.


Main Functions

1. Measurement:multi circuits voltage,current,power,energy and other electrical parameters.

2. Communication:RS485 Modbus-RTU,NB or 4G

3. Certificate:With CE and IEC

4. Accuracy:0.5s or 1

Product Selection

1) AMC96L-E4/KC Multifunction Meter

● True RMS Measurements

● THD with 2-31st Harmonics

● Max/Min Log with Timestamp

● Internal Optional 4DI&2DO or 2DI&2DO&2AO

● Standard one Energy Pulse Output

2) AMC96N-4E3 Multi Circuits AC Energy Meter

● Installation: panel mounted

● 4 circuits 3 phase or 12 circuits single phase AC input, external CTs,50/60HZ

● Measurement: voltage, current, energy and other parameters.

●Communication:RS485 Modbus RTU

3) ADW210 Series Multi-Loop Power Meter

● Mearsure Up to 4 circuit 3 phase

● Mearsure all electric parameters

● Split core open loop CTs

● External function module, such as MK(switching inputs and outputs), MTL(temperature measurement and leakage current measurement), AWT100(wireless communication)

4) AMC16-DETT Base Station DC Energy Meter

● DC rated voltage: 1 channel: -48VDC

● Accuracy:1%In≤I≤10%In error±2.5%; I>10%In error±2%


● LED display

● DIN 35 mm

5) ADW350 Wireless Energy Meter

● DIN 35 mm

● 3 circuits DC input or 1 circuit 3 phase AC input

● Measurement: voltage, current, power, energy and other parameters

● Communication: NB or 4G

6) AHKC-E Hall sensor


AC, DC, pulse and other complex current


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