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Hong Kong Smart Campus Energy Management Project

Hong Kong Smart Campus Energy Management Project

There is such a project, which is located in the Hong Kong. The time is at the peak of the Shanghai epidemic in 2022. Affected by the

epidemic, it is impossible to send people to the site for debugging. However, the project was successfully accepted and received praisefrom customers. How did this come true? Today, I will share such a case with you and tell how we did it.

1. Project background

In order to promote the construction of green campuses, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of the Hong Kong Special 

Administrative Region Government launched a tender to carry out energy-saving renovations for public schools in Hong Kong. A local

technology company in Hong Kong learned about our company’s products and solutions through the Internet, and hoped to cooperate with

our company to participate in the construction of a real-time energy monitoring system.

2. Project requirements
In the government’s bidding documents, the main requirements for the energy real-time monitoring system are as follows:

Monitor school energy consumption, including teaching buildings , administrative buildings , auditoriums and sports buildings, etc.

Electric energy consumption should be subdivided into ventilation , air conditioning, lighting and other uses, etc.;

It is necessary to display the power consumption of the entire school, floors, rooms and main electrical equipment over a period of time

through bar charts , line charts, pie charts and other charts . When abnormal power consumption is found, an alarm should be generated .

The system also needs to realize carbon emission statistics and carbon footprint analysis;

The system needs to be developed based on HTML5 , allowing users to access remotely through browsers on personal computers, mobile

phones, smart TVs or tablets. It should support Chinese and English versions , have a friendly graphical user interface , and the design of

Ul is vivid and attractive to students ;

The data should be kept safely for at least 36 months , and the energy data upload frequency should not exceed 15 minutes;

The system should allow multiple users to log in at the same time, and set unique login names and passwords for different users . The data

should be accessible remotely, and the access rights are designated by the school administrator ;

The system should provide Modbus – TCP, BacNet or OPC protocol for the third-party system to call data;

The data collector of the system should adopt modular design, adopt guide rail installation, low power consumption, support RS485

interface , Ethernet interface , IO interface, support 4-20mA analog signal acquisition, support carbon dioxide sensor , humidity sensor ,

temperature sensor , weather station information collection through Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP;


3.Project significance

Since the main requirements of the project are the monitoring and management of electric energy, the Acrel-3000 electric energy

management system was finally selected to participate in the project bidding. After online communication, product sample delivery,

software customization development, and on-site testing, the final system met the requirements of the bidding and successfully won the bid.


4. Project summary

This project was able to successfully win the bid and acceptance under so many unfavorable conditions, and the client is still very

appreciative. There are the following reasons to share.

1) The comprehensive functions of the Acrel-3000 power management system are the guarantee for winning the bid and acceptance of the project

Acrel-3000 power management system not only meets the real-time requirements of power distribution monitoring, but also has

powerful power statistics and analysis functions.

The system supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English display at the same time to meet the language usage habits of

different groups of people.

The system is developed based on HTML5 and supports access anytime and anywhere through a browser.

The system sets up three roles according to the government mechanical and electrical department, school staff , and students of different

classes . Different roles have different operation permissions and data access permissions, which meets the requirements for authority

management in the bidding documents.

 This project uses Wifi wireless networking to reduce wiring and reduce implementation costs.

The system debugging process is standardized and easy to use. After remote guidance, the customer will implement it locally.


At present, the Acrel-3000 power management system has been successfully deployed in 15 schools in Hong Kong, accumulatively

connected to more than 2,000 power monitoring points. After the epidemic ended, customers came to visit the company as soon as possible,

expressing their intention for more in-depth cooperation. Customers’ recognition of our system and satisfaction with our services are our

biggest motivation for continuous improvement!




Post time: Jul-28-2023