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Wireless Power Meter, ADW300

Wireless Power Meter, ADW300

● Communication: 4G LTE, WiFi, LoRa, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, RS485(MODBUS-RTU)

● Measurement: 3-phase Active Power, Reactive Power, Current, Voltage, Harmonic and etc.

 Application Scenario: Building, Factory, Smart Grids, DB Room and etc

● Rated Voltage: 3×57.7/100V,3×220/380V,3×380/660V,3×100V, 3×380V,3×660V

● Rated Current: 3×1(6)A ;3×1(6)A(ADW300W), 3×20(100)A(ADW300W)

● HMI Programming: Setting of CT/PT Ratio, Phase Wiring, Communication and etc

● Standard&Certificate: CE; IEC; LVD

Product Detail




ADW300 wireless power meter is a three-phase iot electricity meter(multi function meter with rs485) designed to measure active power consumption in low voltage systems, featuring small size, high accuracy and a wealth of functions. It supports RS485 interface and wireless communication (Lora, 2G, NB, 4G).  Adding the new current sampling mode using external transformer. 

Product Features


Power Quality Analysis

● Total Harmonic

● 2nd~31st Harmonic

● Voltage Unbalance

● Current Unbalance


Multiple Communication Methods

● 4G LTE

● NB-IoT

● WiFi (2.4GHz&5GHz)

● LoRa


● Paired with IoT Energy Monitoring System




ADW300 Matched CTs Specification


ADW300-HJ Matched CTs Specification






Four Steps to Start

Step ①: Correctly install&wire meters

1. 35mm DIN-rail installation

2. 3-phase 4-wire or 3-phase 3-wire methods

3. Voltage signal input via direct connect or PTs

4. Current signal input via CTs or Rogowski Coils

5. Power supplied by 85~265Vac L-N power source


Step ②: Download&Register IoT APP

1. Introduction of IoT Energy Monitoring Solution (IoT EMS)

2. Introduction of IoT EMS APP (for mobile users)

3. Introduction of IoT EMS WEB (for PC users)

4. Download of IoT EMS APP

5. Register your account with 3-month Free Trial

6. Or contact us to get Test Account


Step ③: Add Meters to your Account

1. Meters are recognized by unique SN code

2. Scan QR code to add meter to your account

3. Edit CT&PT ratio according to paired CT&PT

4. If voltage input via direct connect, PT ratio set to 1 (Actual Power System Voltage = Voltage Signal Input of Meter)

5. If current input via 250A/5A CTs for example, CT ratio set to 50 (250÷5=50)


Step ④: Start your 3-month Free Trial

1. After 3 months, host service&buy-out service will be available for account renewal

2. Contact us for more information about system charge item&meter quotation

3. Before we send you the quotation, we will set a solution acoording to your request

4. Provide full technical support for installing meters and connecting meters to our system




Functional Characteristics

Chart 1 Functions of ADW300

Functions Description
Display mode LCD
Energy metering Active kWh (positive and negative),quadrant reactive
  power energy
Electrical measurement U、I、 P、Q、S、PF、F
Harmonic function THDv、Harmonic on 2nd-31st
Pulse output Active pulse output
Three-phase unbalance degree Voltage unbalance,current unbalance
Temperature measurement Temperature of A/B/C/N(Alternate configuration:T)
DI/DO 4DI,2DO(Alternate configuration:K)
Aftercurrent One-way aftercurrent(Alternate configuration:L)
LED display Pulse LED display
External current transformer External open type current transformer
(Alternate configuration:W)
Electrical parameter Undervoltage, undercurrent, overcurrent, underload,
  Communication Infrared communication
  RS485(Alternate configuration:C)
  Wireless transmission on 470MHz
(Alternate configuration:LR)
  WIFI(Alternate configuration:WF)
  NB-IOT(Alternate configuration:NB)
  4G(Alternate configuration:4G)


Technical parameter

Chart 2 Electrical performance of ADW300

   Voltage input  Rated voltage 3×57.7/100V,3×220/380V,3×380/660V,3×100V, 3×380V,3×660V
Referencefrequency 50Hz
Consumption <0.5VA (Each phase)
 Current input Input current 3×1(6)A ;3×1(6)A(ADW300W), 3×20(100)A(ADW300W)
Start current 1‰ Ib (Class 0.5S),4‰ Ib (Class 1)
Consumption <1VA (Each phase)
Auxiliary power Power Supply AC 85~265V
Power consumption <2W
Measurement Standard IEC 62053-22:2003,IEC 62053-21:2003
performance Active energyaccuracy Class 0.5S(ADW300),Class 1(ADW300W)
Temperatureaccuracy ±2℃
Pulse Width of pulse 80±20ms
Pulse constant 6400imp/kWh , 400imp/kWh
    Communication Wireless Transmission on 470MHz and maximum distance in open space is 1km;2G;NB;4G
Infraredcommunication The constant baud rate is 1200
Interface RS485(A、B)
Connection mode Shielded twisted pair conductors



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